8mm wedding films

8mm film look added to a wedding film

There are different techniques we can use to produce a ‘film’ look in your wedding video. Shooting with actual film is too limiting, too expensive and actually produces low quality results. We prefer to apply filters and apps to our high definition production process to generate a film look. This approach also gives you, the client, choices as to what ‘look’ you like best. The 3 videos in this playlist show a video with no film effect, a video with a single technique added to HD footage to create 8 mm projection look, and the 8mm_oc_tr video utilizes a different film look altogether. Which do you prefer. We have other ‘looks’ to choose from as well.

8mm wedding film

I have had a couple of requests for 8mm coverage recently and while I like the look and understand the appeal, there are many drawbacks to be considered. Limited exposure and depth of field control, poor results in low light, 4:3 aspect ratio, limitations in the final look of the film, and of course, cost – just to name a few. So I have been researching alternative solutions to get the 8mm look without the limitations of film. This 8mm film is the latest effort and features looks from two different eras of film production. What do you think?