Palm Springs Weddings

Palms Springs wedding at the Living Desert Teaser

Fun Wedding Peeps at a Fun Wedding Place!

Venue: The Living Desert
Coordinator: Lola Kent
Photographer: Katie Geiberger

Colony 29 Palm Springs wedding – Trailer

Stunning! The venue, the couple, the day – just stunning!

Venue: Colony 29 offered by Palm Springs Event Homes

Palm Springs wedding at The Living Desert

A sneak peek of a very fun wedding day!

Venue: The Living Desert
Coordinator: Lola Kent
Photographer: Katie Geiberger

Palm Springs Colony 29 wedding Cinematic Short Film

Palms Springs Soloman Estate wedding

Palm Springs Soloman Estate wedding video.

Venue: Soloman Estate
Coordinator: Peggy Shevlin of The Events Department
Photographer: Gilmore Studios

Best Mother-Son dance ever!

Matt & Danielle trailer

Avalon Hotel Palm Springs wedding video trailer

Danielle & Matt, here’s a Sneak Peek to hold you over. Enjoy!

Venue: Avalon Hotel Palm Springs
Photographer: Tangerine Tree Photography

Brad & Vanessa DIY Rustic wedding

Brad has filmed many weddings with us over the years, now it was his turn to be the groom. We love you Brad and Vanessa, so glad we could be a part of your big day!

O’Donnell House wedding – Documentary Style (Unedited)

We don’t publish this option but many people have taken advantage of this approach and have been very happy. “Documentary” style is filming with a photo-journalistic approach where the cameraman, not an editor, tells the story of the day. We will film during the pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception to capture the memorable moments of the full wedding day experience. We will film using the same HD quality video equipment and wireless audio systems that you would expect a professional to use, so there will be no sacrifice of quality. Most importantly, we will film your day with all of our talent and experience committed to the effort. The only thing you won’t receive is the polish and effect that professional editing can bring, but you will have the day well documented. You can’t go back and record the day later of course, but you could edit the footage months or years later if you ever wanted to. At least you will have the memories professionally captured and safely preserved.
Our first desire is to commit ourselves to a Full Service effort, partly for profit reasons and partly because we would rather invest our resources in an effort that produces the best results possible. Since we can only serve 3 clients on any given day we are limited in what we can commit to, therefore Unedited coverage is available on a limited basis. Popular dates and days of the week are most impacted. We typically don’t make the Unedited option available until 4 to 6 weeks from the date. While that might be uncomfortable for some, other clients have been fine being “penciled in” until the date gets closer. Contact us to see if this is an option for you.