July 27, 2022

Photography Gallery

When it comes to wedding photography our style is more journalistic than most.  We focus on 3 things; Who, What and With What.
Who, is all the people present; the couple, the family, and the guests.
What, is whatever happens; planned events and the candid experience.
With What, are the elements and details that were foundational to the experience; the venue, the decor, the elements of the wedding.
Our photojournalist approach ensures your day is well documented.  We will take ’Traditional’ photos of the couple, the wedding party and key family members but most of the day our photos are unposed, candid shots of people engaging naturally.  We will take some ‘romantic’ photos of the couple but again we do so with an emphasis on realism.  Most wedding photographers have adopted the ‘Artistic’ or ‘Editorial’ approach that is so prevalent on Instagram and Pinterest, we do not.  We are not about making a style shoot or magazine spread out of your day, we believe our job is to document the experience in a flattering and compelling manner.  Our approach allows you (and your family and guests) to enjoy the event spending less time taking photos and more time celebrating!