Genre & Style


Webster’s defines STYLE as “A particular manner or technique by which something is created”

At The Emotion Picture Studio we don’t have a “particular manner” or specific “technique” used in creating a wedding video. Each cinematic wedding film we produce is a unique creation designed with each client’s tastes and preferences in mind.

Which approach makes more sense, finding a company that exactly matches the style you are imagining, or finding a company that will work with you to create a video styled the way you like?

The wedding videography industry has become very boutique like with many wedding video producers defining themselves by a particular and singular style. When it comes to finding a wedding videographer with the look you are searching for you don’t have to wear yourself out.

If you aren’t sure what you want, don’t worry you are in good company!
We can either help you define your style or just do “our thing”. If you have a particular vision in mind – we are the right company to bring it to reality because we will listen to you and partner with you to make a wedding movie that matches your vision. You will have access to our proprietary Online Design Tool where you will be able to easily design and fashion the video that you want. No other video company in Southern California has this feature because we conceived and built this tool ourselves. Another Emotion Picture innovation designed to truly customize your wedding video.

Most of our clients are not really sure what they are looking for. Many of them have a better idea of what they don’t like than what they do. They just want to find a professional who will do a good job. If that sounds like you then we are that company you have been looking for! We can quickly and easily guide you through the options and create a wedding video that you will be thrilled with.


As you may have noticed there are many different phrases and terms used today in reference to wedding videography. Wedding films, cinematography, cinematic wedding videos, wedding movies, and so on.  Since no two videographers seem to use the same terminology and pricing structure, it can be very difficult to define what you want and to know what you are getting from a particular video production company.

We like to keep things simple and easy for you.  So here is the scoop on the different styles out there, or more correctly, the different genres of wedding videography you will find.

There are essentially two different genres of wedding videos; long-form and short-form. Long-form videos are longer in length and therefore more comprehensive in their accounting of the day.  Short-form videos are shorter in length and therefore more condensed portrayals of the day. Most wedding videographers producer one or the other of these formats. We produce both genres and you can choose the genre you prefer. We refer to our long-form wedding videos as Feature Films, we call our short-form wedding videos Cinematic Shorts. You can see our most recent work on our Blog. You can also view Recaps of Feature Films in our Theaters. You can see actual Cinematic Shorts in our Theaters as well. The following descriptions will give you a good idea of what the difference is between the two genres.

Feature Film

Cinematic Short