Ceremony Prologue Video

One of our client couples approached us with the desire to do something unique at their wedding. They wanted to start the wedding in a way that set the tone for the rest of the event. The couple, being non-traditional, fun-loving and contemporary wanted to have a classy but FUN celebration. Since most guests attending a wedding get their first glance of the couple during the ceremony and their first interaction with them during the reception, this couple wanted to connect with their guests before the ceremony so they decided they wanted to create an Introduction Video that would play at the beginning of the ceremony. The video would be able to speak for them and say, sure this is a wedding but we are here to have fun!. The Emotion PIcture Studio was hired to produce the Intro Prologue Video and film the wedding day.

During a creative session with the couple we chose a theme similar to the “Hangover” movies but with a twist. The couple would wake-up (in separate locations but under similar circumstances) to discover that it was their wedding day and they only had 1 hour till the ceremony was to begin! The video shows them working through their horror and their hangover to struggle to get to the wedding on time. In the end they make it, but just barely and the video concludes as the groom runs from the front of the venue to the rear where the wedding is taking place. On the wedding day, the timing had to be perfect to have the groom enter the ceremony just as he disappears from view on the screens.

Another challenge and unique solution was the displaying of the video. The wedding was held at the family’s estate and the ceremony was outdoors in the back yard in the middle of the afternoon when bright daylight meant seeing video screens would be very difficult. Ultra-bright screens had to be used and mounted on specially built platforms so they could be seen by all the guests but not detract from the beauty of the ceremony.

The Intro Prologue Video was a huge hit and served its purpose of being a way for a couple to connect and speak to their guests at the beginning of their event, infuse their personalities into their wedding ceremony, and set the tone for the rest of the celebration.